News September 2, 2020

My dear friends in Christ:

A few updates for your consideration as we head toward Labor Day…

      I thank the teams that has worked tirelessly to keep our churches as clean as possible, and each of you, for your cooperation and patience throughout this difficult time. The entire process has been onerous, but I believe it will pay off, and soon we will be free of our masks and will be able to gather again as God’s people. Keep safe- keep praying.

·      We understand that many are still concerned and playing it safe, and we miss, love, and are praying for you, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Please keep in touch. So many of our fall activities have to be put on the shelf for 2020- but we won’t forget them.

·      Thank you for your generosity through the mail, dropped off at the offices, or in the baskets at Mass- we are grateful for all the words and the donations. Soon, we will be looking at a better, more responsive way to give electronically.

·      Due to the prescriptions of COVID, we can’t get the bulletin out yet, but I hope you check our webpage, Facebook page, and emails like this- we’ll get back to something normal soon.

·      I also especially thank Linda DeCristoforo and our great staff. They have seen challenging days and have remained steadfast through it all. I have asked so much of them, and they have delivered every time.

·      Linda has plans for learning experiences for the fall- make sure you send your email to her for updates: [email protected]. Her fall book club will be continuing soon- stay tuned!

·      I’m very happy to announce that Linda McElwaney has taken on the role of business manager for the collaborative. I am grateful that she agreed to take on this important role and will continue to be the great asset she is. As soon as she gets comfortable with her job and the numbers, we will have a financial report.

·      We have put together a Collaborative Pastoral Council, something so important to our mission- we met for the first time a few days ago via Zoom and will meet monthly. I’ll have a list of members for you.

·      Donna has been working diligently to keep in touch with our students and families throughout the summer, and following the COVID protocols of our area, will begin classes via Zoom later on this fall. I am especially grateful to the catechists and volunteers who’ve donated their time, talent and treasure to plan with her throughout the summer. This will be a different year for all of us. Being in a hot zone has made it more challenging, but I am confident we will get off to a strong start.

·      I am happy to announce that as Fr. Brian Dunkle, SJ has been with us, we welcome Fr. Michael Magree, SJ aboard in September and wait in joyful hope for the return of Fr. Tom Stegman, SJ, who looks great and is anxious to return soon. We also may have more Jesuits in our community and we welcome back Oblate Brothers Jonathan and Jay-Ar. It’s going to be very busy around here!

·      Until we see one another, please keep watching our streamed Mass on Sunday at 12 noon and watch for updates. Fall is my favorite season- so many possibilities, so much potential, even in these days. Thank you, keep safe and God bless you!

-Fr. John